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Knowledge of luggage / backpack / bag materials

Bags and backpacks are a general term for bags and are used to refer to all kinds of bags, including general shopping bags, handbags, clutch bags, wallets, backpacks, shoulder bags, satchels, purses and a variety of drawbars box. Bags more diverse materials, leather, PU, ​​polyester, canvas, cotton and so on.

Polyester fiber polyester fiber, the nature of synthetic fibers, polyester name, the invention of time in 1941
Polyester (polyester) is an important variety in synthetic fiber, which is the trade name of Chinese polyester fiber

Canvas. The thick, sturdy plain weave of different weights, made of hemp or cotton yarn, used to make tents, camp beds, clothes, shoes and so on. It was named for the original sail. A canvas is usually divided into coarse canvas and fine canvas two categories. Crude canvas, also known as tarpaulin, has good waterproofing properties and is used for covering automobile transport and outdoor storage and field tents. Fine canvas for the production of labor protection clothing and supplies. After dyeing can also be used as shoes, travel bags, backpacks and other fabrics.

Polyurethane (Polyurethane, abbreviated as PU) refers to a class of macromolecules containing urethane characteristic units in the main chain. The polymer materials are widely used in adhesives, coatings, low-speed tires, gaskets, car mats and other industrial fields. Polyurethane is used in everyday life to make a variety of foam and plastic sponges. Polyurethane is also used to make condoms (suitable for people allergic to latex condoms) and medical devices and materials.

Cotton, cotton and hemp are temperate plants are grown out of cotton and pyrene hemp seed part of the mining down, after drying, threshing the machine, decomposed out of the seeds and cotton and linen parts, after the machine to suppress, after the spinning line, Cloth, the final after dyeing, finished. Hemp fiber from the gum into pieces, the system must remove the gum, the fiber separation, said degumming.

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